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Map of Silverthorne, Colorado, USA

Map to Lakeview Woods in Silverthorne, CO

Map of Denver and surrounding area

Map of Denver, CO and Surrounding Areas


1: Start out going Southeast on AIRPORT EXIT towards PENA BLVD by turning left. 0.1 miles

2: Stay straight to go onto PENA BLVD. 9.8 miles

3: Take the 40TH AVENUE exit, exit number 1A, towards I-70 E/AIRPORT BLVD/AURORA. 0.2 miles

4: Merge onto AIRPORT BLVD. 0.3 miles

5: Take the I-70 W ramp. 0.4 miles

6: Merge onto I-70 W. 78.4 miles

7: Take the CO-9 N exit, exit number 205, towards US-6 E./SILVERTHORNE/DILLON. 0.2 miles

8. Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.1 miles

9: Merge onto BLUE RIVER PKWY/CO-9. 0.1 miles

10: Turn LEFT onto Wildernest Road. 0.3 miles

11: Turn RIGHT onto Adams Ave. 0.0 miles

12: Turn Immediately LEFT onto Buffalo Mountain Dr. 0.8 miles

13. Follow the winding road up the mountain; take first right onto Lake View Drive 0.4 miles

14. We are the first house on Left— 3 car garage, 3 peak roof

TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME:1 hour,20 minutes
TOTAL DISTANCE: 92.7 miles

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